All Projects Coming Soon Enough

All Projects Coming in 2018

We Will Work On These Titles In The Future

  • V.I.P Confessions (Coming in 2018)
  • Dragonflies on the Hunt, Vol. III (Coming in 2018)
  • Eight to Twelve Times: When Black Towns or Neighborhoods Broke Bread
  • So You Want To Sell Dope? A Satirical Observation on some Hood S**t!
  • Another Day, Another Death (Graphic Novel)
  • Next: Welcome to the Party Line
  • The Business Secrets of Marcus Garvey and Other Black Leaders
  • The Military Secrets & Strategies of Former Slaves in the Americas​
  • So You Want To Travel The Globe?
  • So You Want To Visit Miami?
  • So You Want To Live A Holistic Lifestyle?
  • So You Want To Be In The Music Business?
  • So You Want To Be In The Medical Field?
  • So You Want To Be A Chef?
  • ​So You want To Be In The Film Industry?
  • So You Want To Be in The Tech Field? 

Scheduled Events:

Part 1 (Green Cover) of Dragonflies in the Swamp audio book is coming soon. Along with each part of the audio book (Part 1 - Green Cover, Part 2 - Red Cover, and Part 3 - Yellow Cover), a paperback version of that part will be made available. Quality deals shall be made for these special audio & paperback versions as well.  

In The Future