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LeFemme LaShay Publishing is in the business of entertaining readers who enjoy erotic, erotica, and romantic literature.  

Hear from LeFemme LaShay, a once long-time dancer at various strip clubs, how a girl can make money and leave the exotic dancer game in five years or less. She has made mistakes, and wants those who wish to partake in this game to understand the do's and don'ts well before putting on high heels and a g-string in this extended second edition.
After reading, you will ask yourself, "do I really want to be a stripper?" 

The infamous champagne rooms of gentleman's clubs are filled with stories of carnal sins. Usually you gotta be in one or among close company knowing who did what, with you know who. VIP Confessions: What really goes down in the Champagne Room brings you into the realm of 12 women from various backgrounds, looking to find their way out of the life.

The combination of beautiful illustrations showing each characters appearance, along with their freaky tales and lustful tidbits that'll keep your special someone happy will have you reading this work over and over again. Eventually, you yourself will bring the heat of the naked hustle, whenever you feel like.

This book is based on real life events, and it also suggests over 25 different moves, tips, or tricks you can do in your own bedroom -- tips given from the women themselves! So come, take a seat, and enjoy what really goes down behind those velvet curtains.


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