Who We Are & What We Do!

Writing, Editing, & Others Services 

We type up or edit anything that can be written:

  • Business plans                            
  • Articles
  • Copy Write Ads
  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Business Proposals
  • ​PowerPoint Presentations 
  • Grant Proposals (Results May Vary) 
  • Independent Research Studies 
  • Website Content  
  • Books 
  • Scripts 
  • Blogs, emails, and social media content (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • White Papers  
  • Speeches 
  • Landing Pages 
  • And more  

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Contact us, all prices are negotiable.  

Literary Works

Our books are meant to improve the quality of life of our readers. If an author has an interesting project then we will publish it. We are a home for all forms of literary expression. If a book makes one think, touch an emotion or both then we want it.​

Check out Dragonflies in the Swamp by Nicholas A. Brown, which is a collection of short stories and what he calls "Anecdotal Prose Poems". 

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